Paeltest maalid

Kunstnik kasutab meie toodetud paelu kangast maalide tegemiseks. Ta tellib meilt täpselt õiges värvis ja mustris paelu, et need tema visiooni sobiksid.

Ta ise ütleb meie kohta nii:

“I got to know Haine when I was introduced to a co-project with Pallas University of Applied Sciences textile students and Haine. 

In Haine I found the most welcoming, flexible, and creative experts to work with, not to mention a prompt delivery.

The employees in Haine have years of experience in braiding ropes and give hands-on advice which gives me freedom and challenge on my own creating.

Everyday life in my artworks is revealed by tens of different monofilament yarns mixing in each rope and when two or more ropes are meeting on the digitally woven surface.”