Kootud rihmad

Kootud rihmade tootmine

Haine produces webbings of different tensile strength, width, thickness and pattern. Our durable webbings are mainly used in various industrial fields. For example, webbings are needed as important details of textile accessories used in the military and defense fields. In the clothing and furniture industry, webbings are also used on a smaller scale.

Our production department pays great attention to the quality of products and uses only the best materials. This ensures that our products meet high standards and can withstand daily wear and tear and unpredictable weather conditions.

Various synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are available. The range of possible webbings widths is 5 mm – 100 mm. If necessary, special treatments such as ironing, NIRR, water repellency and flame resistance are added to the webbing.

Toodame 100% oma toodetest ise

A wide selection of materials

We are very demanding in the selection of suppliers and materials. We use only the highest quality raw materials that have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates. The quality of the materials directly affects the quality of our production, and as a result, we cannot make concessions here.

Our material selection includes polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, fire-resistant meta-aramid, cotton, linen, wool, various rubber threads and metallic threads. According to the product and the area of use of the product, we recommend the most suitable material to the customer. There is a sufficient range of colors for all materials to offer a suitable shade for every customer.

Tööstuslike paelade ja nööride tootearendus

Võimalikud järeltöötlused


Triikimine tagab rihmade oluliste parameetrite (näiteks laius, kokkutõmbuvus) fikseerumise.


NIRR töötlus tagab selle, et toode on öövaatluskaameraga taustast eristamatu.


Vetthülgamine tagab toodete mittemärgumise.


Vastavalt toote kasutusvaldkonnale vajatakse tooteid, mis ei süttiks leegiga põlema. Leegikindluse töötlus aitab saavutada soovitud tulemuse.

We help in the development of a new product

Koostöös enda tehnoloogidega, tootmisjuhtidega ning kujundajaga suudame arendada tooteid, mis vastavad kliendi ootustele ning ka kõige keerulisematele nõudmistele. We can offer products that require printing, cutting, special treatments (water repellency, waxing, flame resistance), laser cutting, and sewing services.

We are ready to help our customers with product development from the idea to the final product!

Mõtleme kaasa tootearenduses


Etikettide tootmine

Our client wanted to add their logo to various textile products as a label attached to the item.

With a clear vision of colors and dimensions, it helped us quickly select the best material and method.

The client’s own feedback on our work:

The labels arrived beautifully, and we are extremely pleased! These are exactly as we dreamed of from the very beginning, and our textile craftsman will happily adorn their products with them! 🙂

Thank you so much for such pleasant dealings and communication, swift handling, and super-fast delivery! I’m very glad to know exactly where to order similar items in the future if needed!