Special treatment

We offer different treatments for the products, which are necessary according to the area of use of the products and the final product.

Many products used in the military and defense industry must meet very strict criteria to provide maximum protection and safety for the wearer of the uniform or equipment. The products must not absorb water, catch fire or be visible to night vision cameras.

Often, the products used in the furniture industry or in the sewing of clothes also have to meet some of the previously mentioned requirements. As a result, we offer our customers basic required treatments.

Impregnation – through impregnation or starching, it is possible to give the products a stiffer texture and the ribbons are no longer in a soft state. Impregnation fixes the condition of the laces.

Flame resistance – when treated with a resistant substance, the product becomes flame resistant, which means that the product does not catch fire with a flame.

Water repellency – when treated with a special substance, non-wetting of the product or material is achieved. The product no longer absorbs water.

NIRR- NIRR means near-infrared reflectance in direct translation. In the military field, products are needed that have near-infrared reflectivity, i.e. a specific object cannot be detected from the background with a night vision camera. We measure the results with a spectrometer.

100% locally produced items

We help in the development of a new product

Koostöös enda tehnoloogidega, tootmisjuhtidega ning kujundajaga suudame arendada tooteid, mis vastavad kliendi ootustele ning ka kõige keerulisematele nõudmistele. We can offer products that require printing, cutting, special treatments (water repellency, waxing, flame resistance), laser cutting, and sewing services.

We are ready to help our customers with product development from the idea to the final product!

Mõtleme kaasa tootearenduses

Customer`s story

Etikettide tootmine

Our client wanted to add their logo to various textile products as a label attached to the item.

With a clear vision of colors and dimensions, it helped us quickly select the best material and method.

The client’s own feedback on our work:

The labels arrived beautifully, and we are extremely pleased! These are exactly as we dreamed of from the very beginning, and our textile craftsman will happily adorn their products with them! 🙂

Thank you so much for such pleasant dealings and communication, swift handling, and super-fast delivery! I’m very glad to know exactly where to order similar items in the future if needed!