Braided laces

We produce braided bootlaces, elastics and ropes that can be used in various fields. Our products are mainly consumed by the textile, footwear and furniture industries.

Braided ribbons are available in both flat and round versions and can be produced in a variety of colors and widths. The choice of materials includes both synthetic and natural materials.

We also offer various treatments, such as water repellency, so that the products can be used more comfortably in outdoor conditions, or flame resistance for products where it is necessary to monitor fire safety. To make your product more special, we can add plastic ends with a logo on the boot laces or pack the products in special packaging.

  • 100% locally made products
  • Over 25,000,000 meters of annual production
  • Over 50 specialists

Laces with tips

Tipped laces are classic boot laces.

In addition to the footwear industry, the laces with tips are also needed in the sewing of clothes, for example, as a ribbon for hoodies, sweatpants or as handles for gift bags.

It is possible to add tips both round, flat and woven ribbons.

During the tipping, the ribbons are cut to the desired length, and if desired, the ribbons can be packed in special boxes with the customer’s logo.

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Braided elastics

In our braiding department, we manufacture both round and flat braided elastics.

The important parameters of braided elastics, such as stretchiness, width, thickness, and color, can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Our technologists are ready to develop a completely new product according to the specifications provided.

The primary application area for braided elastics is in garment and home textile sewing.

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Braided laces and cords

Haine’s selection includes both round braided cords and flat braided cords.

For the most part, braided cords and cords are used in shoe production and sewing of clothes, while twisted cords are mainly used in the furniture industry.

Shoelaces are cut to the required length, warp laces and flat laces are also cut into specific lengths as desired, so that it is more convenient for the customer to use them in their own production and to optimize their own production resources.

If specific lengths are not required, we sell cords and ribbons as usual packed on spools.

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