Customized orders

Increasingly, customers want to use distinctive products in the form of highlighting their own logo or brand. Also, there is often a need for products that meet the special requirements presented by the customer, but we do not yet have exactly such a product in our product range. In this case, our technologists will help create a suitable product. We offer the opportunity to weave a logo or pattern into the ribbons, print them on, and add details, accessories, end films or packaging with the customer’s logo.

Haine offers the opportunity to perform additional processing and sewing services for various products. According to the area of use of the ribbons, it is required that the products be, for example, water-repellent, flame-resistant, cut to a certain length, sewn into circles or cords. As an additional option, we offer the acquisition of the necessary accessories in order to attach them to the products yourself. We also offer a special packaging service if the customer needs to pack his own products in special packaging.


Haine offers customers a sewing service according to special requests to simplify the process of making the customer’s final product.

It is possible to sew, for example, cord edging, rubber rings or various textile details, to which additional accessories need to be added.

According to the agreement with the customer, we can deliver the necessary accessories ourselves.

Special treatment

We offer different treatments for the products, which are necessary according to the area of use of the products and the final product.

Many products used in the military and defense industry must meet very strict criteria to provide maximum protection and safety for the wearer of the uniform or equipment.

The products must not absorb water, catch fire or be visible to night vision cameras.

Laser cutting

With a laser cutting machine, it is possible to perform a special cut on products made of synthetic material.

For example, various emblems, corner labels, satin laundry labels.

It is also possible to perforate the product and to perform both perforating and cutting at the same time.

We carry out work according to the customer’s request.