Woven ribbons

Our woven department produces a variety of ribbons, decorative ribbons, and elastic bands, which are mainly used in areas such as clothing and footwear production, military and security industry, upholstered furniture production, sewing home textiles, etc.

Woven technology gives the possibility to produce ribbons with woven patterns to emphasize and highlight the customer’s logo or special pattern. The pattern can be woven on non-stretch ribbons, rubber bands and boot laces.

Since we produce 100% of our products ourselves, we help with the development of new products from start to finish. Customers have a choice of different synthetic and natural materials in a wide range of colors.

  • 100% locally made products
  • Over 25,000,000 meters of annual production
  • Over 50 specialists

Elastic bands

Whether you are looking for elastic bands for industrial, apparel or medical supplies, we offer a wide range to meet all your requirements.

Our product range includes elastic bands of different density and stretchability. According to the field of use, customers require different properties of elastic bands.

Our technologists also help in the development of a completely new product that exactly meets the customer’s needs.

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Edge tapes

Haine offers crocheted, woven, and braided cords and cords sewn with a seam allowance.

The main field of application of edge tapes is the production of home textiles, the furniture industry and the sewing of clothes.

The customer can choose the width, thickness, diameter of the inner cord and the width of the edge tapes allowance according to their needs from our existing product range.

If there is no suitable product in our product range, we help develop a new product according to the customer’s requirements.

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Woven strips

Woven strips are tightly woven ribbons.

The main field of use of woven strips is the sewing of clothes (hanging strip), but woven strips are also used in other areas as sewn or added details.

The strip can be woven both in one color and in many colors. A ribbon in national colors is very popular.


Haine produces webbings of different tensile strength, width, thickness and pattern.

Our durable webbings are mainly used in various industrial fields.

For example, webbings are needed as important details of textile accessories used in the military and defense fields.

In the clothing and furniture industry, webbings are also used on a smaller scale.

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Decorative ribbons

Ribbons with a woven logo or pattern serve primarily a decorative purpose.

Said ribbons are used to decorate the main product, to highlight the logo and brand, and to distinguish one’s own products among similar products.

There is a wide selection of decorative ribbons, but since every company has a different logo and wants to stand out among others, we mainly make these ribbons according to the customer’s wishes.

We help with both the design and technical side. As a result of mutual cooperation, we achieve a final product that meets the customer’s expectations.

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